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Meeting Owl Pro Sound Issues
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I'm hearing static, crackling, or robotic audio through the Owl's speaker

Jan 24, 2022•Knowledge

I'm hearing static, crackling, or robotic audio through the Owl's speaker

This article applies to the Meeting Owl Pro and Meeting Owl

(If using Owl Connect) Go into the Meeting Owl App and disconnect your Owl Connect pair. Check the following on your affected Owl while it is unpaired.

If you are hearing static, choppy, or crackling audio through the Owl's speaker, check the following 

  • (Meeting Owl Pro) If you are hearing static, crackling, or robotic audio through your Meeting Owl Pro's speaker, update your Owl's software to the latest version. Audio improvements have been made to version to address this issue.
  • Are you using an Owl Labs approved USB extension cable? Not all extension cables are equal! Some unpowered or poor quality USB extenders will not work with the Meeting Owl. Test with the 6ft cable that came with the Owl, and if the problem is resolved, replace the extension cable with an approved USB extension cable.
  • Are you using a USB-C port? Some USB-C adapters and cables are not compatible with the Meeting Owl. Try testing on a computer without a USB-C port, and purchase an approved USB-C cable or adapter if problem is resolved.
  • (If using Owl Connect) Is the crackling only coming from the Owl's speaker when in the Secondary role?
    • If so, this indicates a poor connection between your Owls. Try moving to a new room or location to resolve this issue.

If the above conditions are met, try the following:

  • Try a different microUSB to USB cable.
  • Try a different USB port.

If problem persists, test the Owl's speaker locally on your computer.

  • If static or distortion is heard, create an SKC Helpdesk ticket to contact Owl Labs support.
  • If sound is clear, on your next call:
    • Have each remote participant mute their microphones one at a time. If the static goes away when one person is muted, have that participant change to a different microphone or headset.
    • Have every participant leave and rejoin the call.
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