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How To Use Papercut Webprint
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Papercut Web Print

Papercut Web print

Papercut allows you to print from your computer to any printer on campus.
To print:

  • From your computer go to
  • Enter your Papercut credentials
  • Select Webprint in left column
  • On the following page select Submit a job
  • Choose your printer. Select "memphisto 143SKC-Green-Print (virtual)"
  • Click on "Print Options and Account Selection" in lower right
  • Enter the number of copies you need and select the account to charge
    • If you select "charge to my personal account" you must have $$ on your personal account
  • Click on "Upload Documents" in lower right
  • Upload document to print
  • Using your SKC ID/Print card to badge in at any Toshiba printer on campus to release print job. There is a pad on the front of the printers that you will wave your ID Card in front of; it will beep and you can follow the on screen prompts to print your file.
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