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How to Access BrightSpace (student/learner) with training links
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Try the steps below, if you are not able to access BrightSpace then you may have to wait until it gets closer start of the new term or quarter.
Remember you must have completed registration for the courses to sync to BrightSpace

Sign in to your SKC Student email account
Open a new tab on the browser
Go to
Click on Log in with your Student Account

You can access Learner Resources for BrightSpace to help you learn how to use BrightSpace at
There are some videos on that page on how to get started.

Below is a link to some training resources for our new Learning Management System, BrightSpace.
Also, you can click on the Support Widget to get direct user support from BrightSpace. It should be on the right side. It looks like the image below.

Support Widget:


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