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How to submit a Student Laptop Loan Request
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SKC is continuing its laptop loan program for students for the school year 2021


Students must:
-be registered for classes for the quarter they are requesting to check out the laptop
-have all their paperwork completed with Enrollment Services

-have all their digital accounts set up prior to being loaned a laptop

Faculty and advisors may then complete the Student Laptop Loan Request KiSSFLOW form for their students.


The laptops must be returned at the end of the quarter.

This is a first come first serve system and we have a limited number of laptops.

Students are allowed one laptop loan at a time and will not be eligible to get another if they have not returned a previously checked-out laptop.


The process is this:

  • Student makes a request to their faculty or advisor

  • Faculty or advisor completes the KiSSFLOW Student Laptop Loan Request

  • If a laptop is available, IT Services assigns a computer to the student

  • IT Services contacts students directly to arrange for pick up

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