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Dealing with E-Waste at SKC
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SKC IT Services is responsible for handling all e-waste disposal on campus. E-waste is defined as any device that contains electrical components. E-waste is not just computers. Some examples include computers, monitors, TVs, flat screens, recorders, DVD players, electronic typewriters, laminators, etc. 


If you have e-waste, submit a ticket to and select equipment pickup and add a remark that it is e-waste. Depending on the size and amount of e-waste, IT Services may ask you to drop it off or they will pick it up. IT Services will determine if the technology is actually e-waste or if it can be repurposed.


SKC IT Services disposes of waste in accordance with local, state, tribal, and Federal law. SKC IT Services works with reputable e-waste disposal companies to remove e-waste from our campus. All hard drives are removed prior to disposal and destroyed.

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